I am a local homeless man with two dogs. My little one needed a new prescription. We were treated like royalty. Xavi now has his eye drops, and we have a new vet.

Facility was immaculate, absolutely perfect in every way. Staff was incredible, most knew us from the community already. Web site and app are amazing. Dr. Raj is among the best vet my boys have had in their short but we'll traveled life. He's a keeper.

Xtreme Team (SAR Unit)

Such a great clean place!! I had such a positive experience. Our 11 year old Scarlett S. Ozment had a great thorough exam, plus The doc suggested doing a blood panel due to a cough she recently started. Because she had not been around other dogs I thought it might just be allergies. The panel results were quick and showed a small respiratory infection. She was prescribed antibiotics, which I took home and started her on the same day, by the next day her cough was almost completely gone. Scarlett also got her nails trimmed. The Dr, & Staff were incredibly nice and very patient. We now have a great place to take our furry family members. ❤️🐾❤️

Michelle Ozment

Fantastic and so knowledgeable. I had a regular vet that had the shortest times of operation, it was impossible to get seen. And then brushed off. Lone Tree Vet they've seen us when we needed. He took one look at my Scooby and saw things that concerned us but not the previous vet. Lone Tree Veterinary is where you want to go.

Kraken Ent

I have to say the staff & doctor was so patient with me. They really made me feel reassured they got the fox tail out of my cats nose. They even showed me it afterwards, haha! I was so worried! Ughh! They explained to me the process & what to expect & after care. I'm thankful for veterinarians. They solve our pet parent dilemma for sure. They also take Care credit which saved my day. Tons of free parking.

Marz Martinez