Laboratory Testing Can Help Provide Us with Answers Fast

We are proud to offer in-house laboratory diagnostics through our state-of-the-art facility. Our in-house laboratory allows us to run an array of medical tests and analyses that can provide rapid results and immediate insights into your pet's health. Our in-house diagnostic equipment includes blood analyzers and urine analyzers, among others.

One significant advantage of our in-house laboratory is the speed at which results can be obtained. Instead of waiting for samples to be sent to an external laboratory, our veterinary team can have crucial information within minutes. This is particularly valuable in emergency situations, where swift decisions are often required. In-house diagnostics also foster better patient care by facilitating routine wellness exams, chronic disease management, and pre-surgical evaluations, helping to monitor the progress of treatment plans and adjust them as necessary.

Ultimately, the convenience, speed, and accuracy of in-house laboratory testing contribute to better patient outcomes and enhance the overall veterinary experience for you and your pet!