The Thought of Losing a Much Loved Pet is a Frightening One

By having your dog or cat microchipped, though, you can greatly increase the odds of reuniting with them if you ever become separated. At Lone Tree Veterinary Hospital, we perform microchipping and strongly recommend this quick, safe, and nearly pain-free procedure for nearly all of our patients.

How Microchipping Works

While a collar with an identification tag is helpful, microchipping provides a permanent form of identification that your pet cannot slip out of or lose. And the process of microchipping a pet is much easier than many people realize. 

The microchip - which is about the same size as a grain of rice - is inserted just beneath your pet’s skin, usually at the back of the neck. The insertion is done using a syringe and takes only a few seconds. Rather than containing personal information, the chip has an identification number that is linked to an online account. Once registered, the number can be used to look up your contact information if your pet ever gets lost and is brought into a vet’s office, shelter, etc.

Pet Microchipping

Having your pet microchipped takes mere seconds and can save you a lifetime of heartache if your beloved pet ever gets lost. For safe and affordable pet microchipping in Antioch, Oakley, and Brentwood, trust the veterinarians right here at Lone Tree Veterinary Hospital. Call now to schedule an appointment.